coming topics

1. Evolution of the Arroyo, from springs to fruit trees to joggers & cyclists

a. Until 1910

b. last 100 years

2. Evolution of big time sports in Pasadena

a. Up to 1950 & the television era
b. Since 1950

3. Evolution of the NFL and other professional sports- stadiums & exploitation

4. Jogging, the fitness craze and the Arroyo

5. Beat their brains out- chronic traumatic encephalopathy & football

6. Not so fast- the IDS Playhouse Project Deal

7. Inequality in Pasadena & Pasadena schools

8. Benefits of exercise 

9. Exercise and the brain

10. Not so fast- Hahamogna, dams and sediment

11. A little Pasadena black history

12. Latinos and Pasadena

13. Who moved our cheese (Pasadena’s cheese)?

14. Monrovia Canyon Park – a nice park and its funding/maintenance

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